Everyone wants a home that is cozy, comfortable and has a peaceful atmosphere. The house is the place where every individual returns after a long tiring day at work. So, when you are looking for apartments to rent, make sure it is the right one. It’s because the home you rent should reflect your personality, taste, and style. That is why the apartment homes in Westheimer in Houston are the right ones for you. Not only the apartments beautiful and stylish, but they also deliver a warm and welcoming vibe. Although the area is known for its bustling nightlife and numerous attractions, and also stands out as the best place to live in Houston.

Things to know about the apartments in Westheimer

The apartments on Westheimer are pretty unique and eye-catching both from the inside and outside. Westheimer Street has some of the finest and elegant apartment homes, which are ideal for a family of four, couples, and singles. The best thing about these apartments is that you can move in with your pets. The apartments are given a contemporary and traditional design and have beautiful high ceilings, spacious rooms, well-equipped kitchens with cabinets and storage systems.

The floors are made from high-quality hardwood floors, and some apartments have carpeted or vinyl flooring. You will find 1 to 3-bedrooms and 1 to 2-bathrooms vaulted ceilings and walk-in closets. The most popular features that these apartments have in store are stainless steel appliances, private patios, a fitness center, Smart home tech with keyless entry.

You will also receive a laundry room, utility room, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi connectivity, air conditioner, heating and cooling system, and upgraded light packages. You must find apartments near Westheimer that has all these features. Also, look for apartment homes in Westheimer that deliver high-quality security and have a property manager on site. The rent of these apartments is reasonable, but you are free to negotiate for a much better price as well.

Things you can do in Westheimer

Rather than providing you with a luxurious place to stay, Westheimer has some of the best places you visit with your friends and family. Look below!

  1. State of Grace: The place is an ode to modern Houston. This beautiful restaurant is designed within a shopping mall. The menu gives out the feeling of an elevated version of the Houston delicacies. The ‘state of Grace’ serves everything from Crawfish Hushpuppies and K-town style chicken to Squid ink pasta and cheese enchiladas. The place is a hipster haven, but the standards of this restaurant are pretty classy.
  2. Uchi: Uchi is a highly sophisticated restaurant, which is operated by award-winning chef Tyson Cole. He serves inventive and small Japanese delicacies with the help of non-local seafood and some local ingredients. The signature is the Hot Rock, where you will provide high-quality Wagyu Beef and a burning hot rock where you will cook the meat right in front of you. You will also get to taste Madai from the sushi category, and if you like peanut butter, then the Peanut Butter Semifreddo With Apple and Miso Sorbet is a must-try. The mixture of flavors might be a little weird, but the taste is superb.
  3. Sloan/Hall: When you pay a visit to Sloan/Hall for the very first time, you might think that the place is a museum. Although it gives out a museum vibe, it is a place you can buy books, gifts, and cards. You will come across numerous types of things that you can give to your loved ones. You will also find some of the most beautiful greeting cards and gold-plated robot. Sloan/Hall also has a 12th-century Italian chest and French perfume collection, known as the Etat Libre d’Orange. This place’s vibe is pretty iconic, but when it comes to presents and cards, this place is the best one for you.

Final Words!

Westheimer is the heart and soul of Houston. The place is highly active both day and night and houses some of the best retail stores and some beautiful jewelry stores. This makes Westheimer is the best choice for every homeowner.

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