Whether you are new in town or a local, if you are looking for an affordable apartment to rent, then you will find it in Westheimer in Houston. Westheimer Street or just Westheimer is a high-capacity east-west road. It stretches from Baby Street in downtown Houston and ends at the Westpark Tollway right near the George Bush Park. Westheimer is about 19-miles long, which is 30.5-kilometers. The street was named after Michael Louis Westheimer, who was a German settler and flour salesperson.

Westheimer Street is connected to numerous other roadways and junctions so that you travel easily to all the crucial areas in Houston. It is also home to many markets, stores, restaurants, big-box retail, strip clubs, tattoo shops, malls, storage facilities, and many other places.

How good are the apartments in Westheimer?

Although Westheimer is known for being a crowded area in Houston, it also has some of the best and high-quality apartment homes available for rent. These apartments are ideal for couples, singles, students, and large families. Each of the rooms is pretty spacious, has high ceilings, and has beautiful large windows that deliver an outstanding city view.

Apart from that, the apartments are available in both traditional and contemporary styles, so you are free to choose the one that matches your taste and style. The apartments in 77063 come with 1 to 2 bedrooms, but 3 bedroom apartments are available as well. Each room measures from 986 square feet to 1,356 square feet and the rent is pretty affordable.

Some of the features and amenities you will get are an 18-seated theatre room, conference room, laundry room, storage facilities, clubroom, fitness center, and swimming pool. You receive other features: balconies, lavish courtyards with fountains, super-fast internet, and oversized whirlpool tubs with separate showers.

Things you can do at Westheimer

Since Westheimer is an ideal place for hangouts, picnics, and family outings, given below are some of the hand-picked locations, which is a must-visit. Take a look!

  1. The Fomo Factory: If you want to leave your adulthood behind, then pay a visit to Fomo Factory, which is an immersive and limited-time art pop-up location. You can travel across all the 17-rooms and get to relive your childhood by capturing all the memorable moments right from the playground to the school dance. Climb the sandcastle, pop-out of a cake, ride the rainbow seesaw and jump around in the ball pool.
  2. Cacao & Cardamon Chocolatiers: If you have a sweet tooth and a sucker for chocolates, then this store in Westheimer Street is the ideal place for you. But wait, this place is not your ordinary chocolate joint. You will come across chocolates that carry a realistic appearance. Some of the chocolates you find are shaped in laughing Buddha, flowers, fruits, high heels, and many more. Some of the best-selling chocolates are Cashew Cinnamon Pralines, Speculoos, and Salty Macadamia.
  3. Off The Wall Gallery: If you are an art lover, then this place is the right one for you! You will encounter some of the most beautiful art pieces created by professional and talented artists. You will also find Peter Max, a well-known artist, and his art pieces are pretty unique and extraordinary. It is guaranteed that you will be blown away once you get to see his work.
  4. Gifts of Texas: If you are looking for college-related items, souvenirs, gifts, sports garments, you will find them here, in Gifts of Texas. It is a family-owned store and has been in business for a decade. You will come across some of the best quality and unique pieces of Texas-made items that are pretty affordable!

Last words to share!

The Westheimer region of Houston has always been the favorite of both the locals and the tourists. The place is ideal for hanging out and a perfect area to live a luxurious and comfortable life with your family.

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