Whether it’s a big family house or an apartment, all homes must provide individuals with a healthy living experience. It’s because both home buyers and renters of today do not want just a place to live. But they want an area where they are live freely without any restrictions or rules. 

This is where the apartment homes in Westheimer come in. Not only do they stand out as a much better option than the energy corridor Houston apartments, but they will provide access to many areas. Individuals who live in the Westheimer region made claims that the area stands out as the best living area for couples with children, singles, and a family of four. 

Why the apartment homes in Westheimer much better?

Although the homes in Energy Corridor provide an outstanding living experience, they are not like Westheimer’s homes. Before renting the apartments in Westheimer, you will receive self-guided tours before renting. This is something that you will not find in the apartments available at Energy Corridor. The majority of the homes in Westheimer will give you direct access to the Westpark tollway so that you can visit all the places in that area.

Another thing that makes Westheimer a much better option is its high-class and modern amenities. The interiors of the homes give out vintage and modern vibe. It also comes with spacious bedrooms and 9 to 10-foot tall ceilings. On the other hand, the homes are also perfect for individuals with pets and for that you need to provide an extra fee. The features and amenities are something that makes these apartment homes stand out among the rest. Even the Energy Corridor apartments cannot beat them in this area.

Features like package delivery, fitness classes, high-speed internet access, well-equipped bathrooms and kitchens, and recreation rooms are some of the things you will get. When it comes to amenities, you will find storage rooms, walk-in wardrobes, high-quality appliances, a game room, a movie theatre, and swimming pools. Other unique things recently added were outdoor patios, garden, courtyard, grill, and a picnic spot. 

Westheimer: What does it have in store?

Although you will find apartments in Westheimer that will deliver you a comfortable and luxurious living experience, the area has much more to offer. The place houses some of the best educational institutes, such as Wilson Montessori, Lamar High School, Project Chrysalis Middle School, and Lanier Middle School. Apart from that, you will also come across institutes, such as East Early College High School and Beatrice Mayes Institute Charter School. 

Westheimer is well-known for its beautiful cafes, family restaurants, and high-end retail stores. You will come to eateries that provide rich and authentic cuisine, which you can enjoy with your friends and family member; if you are in a mood to try some spicy curry and blended with flavors, head down to Ashiana Indian Restaurant. It serves some of the most popular Indian dishes that you will love. 

For seafood, pay a visit to the Red Lobster as they serve fresh and high-quality seafood with various other food items. Other restaurants, such as the Azura Bar & Lounge, Café Benedicte, and Ebony Food & Music, will provide you with a high-class dining experience with top-class delicacies. You will also get the chance to try out some cocktails made right from scratch and taste refreshing. 

Ending Note Living in Westheimer will provide you with a beautiful experience. Not only will you receive direct access to all the major areas within Houston, but you also get to participate in many activities. The homes in Westheimer are one-of-a-kind, which will offer you an exciting, relaxing, and peaceful living experience. It’s guaranteed that you will experience no issues, as the crime rate is pretty low and the area is completely protected. 

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