Everything You Need To Know About The Apartments In Westheimer, Houston TX

The majority of the individuals want a home, which is warm, cozy, comfortable, and welcoming. There are many places in Houston, TX, that deliver a modern and high-quality living experience. Out of which, one of the areas is Westheimer. Even though it’s a street, but it contains some of the best apartment homes. You will find apartments in Westheimer that are ideal for single families, couples, students, and individuals with a pet. Before anything else, here are certain things you need to know:

Things to know about the apartments in Westheimer

The apartment homes in Westheimer comes with high-end finishes with contemporary and elegant design. The rooms are pretty spacious, and each of them is fully-furnished. The apartments on Westheimer in Houston, TX, are mainly located between offbeat Montrose and affluent River Oaks.

 The apartments have massive windows and ceilings, and the view of the city from the apartment is breathtaking. The apartments also come with plenty of features and amenities. Some of the features you will get are private patios or balconies, ceiling fans, granite countertops, renovated units available, and a heating and cooling system. 

Other features are swimming, fitness center, playground, high-speed internet, Wi-Fi, property manager on-site, walk-in closet, and laundry room. The apartment homes are also pet friendly. So, you can move in your pet without any hassle.

Places to visit in Westheimer

Westheimer in Houston is well-known for its beautiful apartment homes. But the area is also famous for a variety of other things. It has some of the best attractions, places to eat, and many other places where you can perform numerous activities. To know what they are, check the information below!

  1. Places to shop: Westheimer is a street, which is home to many high-end fashion stores. You will find numerous stores that sell clothing and accessories that will suit your style. Some of the stores you will encounter are Nordstrom Rack, Saks Fifth Avenue, Baanou, Forty-Five Ten, Saint Bernard, Sloan/Hall, Stag, and Tootsies. In all these stores, you will find clothes, footwear, and accessories from famous fashion brands. 
  2. Places to eat: Westheimer is a food lover’s place. You will not just find one but many restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and pubs on that road. You will find restaurants that serve authentic West-African delights, Japanese, Korean, Indian, and Mexican cuisines. Some of the places you must visit are Georgia James for steak, Rosie Cannonball for pizzas, and Giacomo’s Cibo e Vibe for Italian delicacies.

Final words Staying at an apartment home in Westheimer will grant access to many local places. You get the best transportation services and get to live a comfortable and relaxing life alone or with your family members.

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